is the passion project of Colette Field, an exceedingly talented director/producer/photographer that specializes in creating some of the hottest erotica the web has ever seen (she’s rather beautiful herself, though you won’t see her in front of the camera).

Everything on the site is her creation and with the help of her talented team she’s managed to build something beautiful since they launched less than five years ago. – The Insides…

Site Navigation

colette members area contentInside the site is kept exceedingly simple, which feels like it’s in line with the presentation given on the free tour. It looks largely the same, actually, with a strip of links along the top of the page to take you to the updates, videos, and models. You can browse the updates by date and popularity. They offer a separate page if you just want to browse the videos, but for some reason don’t offer the same for browsing the picture sets. Those you’ll find on the updates page.

Should you desire to browse the girls you can visit the models page and use a handful of options to organize them. The first page has the most popular girls and then you can check them out by date added, name, and age. They could put a little more effort into their site navigation to provide a wider range of options for seeking out specific content and models, but it’s not a huge site so it shouldn’t pose much of an issue.

The Content

colette members areaWith more than 130 HD videos and roughly 100 picture galleries, has more than enough content to justify the expense of a monthly membership, but in this case it’s not the volume of content that is going to blow your mind. It’s the quality that makes a huge difference here. She crafts exquisite hardcore and lesbian scenes with some of the most astonishingly beautiful and talented girls on the planet and the production values are through the roof.

On the blog at she discusses her philosophy in choosing their models, explaining that in addition to looking for beauty they seek girls that are smart, passionate, and eager to share their sexuality with the audience. There’s a bio for most of the girls that have worked for Colette and you’ll see frequent quotes about how much the girls love sex and how they love being watched, how much it turns them on to know that there’s an audience eagerly masturbating to them.

High end is a good way to describe the content at The scenes are all shot in gorgeous looking locations, whether that’s an expensive house or a gorgeous outdoor area. The lighting is perfect, the girls always look exceptionally hot without being overly done up with heavy makeup and teased out hair, and the sex is always artfully presented. Occasionally there are kinky aspects thrown into a scene that spice up the action a bit and you’ll find plenty of scenes with anal penetration and group fun (including a rare gangbang that always looks amazing).

Because the content at is shot by the same woman the site carries a personal touch you rarely see. To that end she often shoots interviews with her stars, appearing on camera for some of them to share her personality while chatting with the girls about the fun they’re having shooting porn.

  • Highest Quality Erotic Porn – shoots only the hottest content featuring beautiful girls making love the big cock guys and lovely ladies they’re brought in to fool around with.
  • Colette is Hugely Talented – Everything here is shot by Colette Field, a talented director and producer that crafts breathtaking scenes of intense beauty and sensuality.
  • Lots of Variety – The content is hardcore and lesbian, but within those broad genres you get lots of hot stuff. There are threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs, interracial scenes, lesbian group sex, lots of anal fucking, perfect blowjobs, and more.
  • Model Interview – Colette often gets on camera for interviews with the models she shoots with, sharing fun anecdotes and laughing. They’re having a good time with it and so will you.
  • High Production Values – Watch a trailer for one of her scenes and you’ll see what I mean by high production values. Everything looks expensive and sexy and that’s a good thing for erotic porn. From the girls to the guys they bring in to the locations they shoot in, it’s all gorgeous. This is not motel porn.
  • Site Navigation is Limited – They haven’t put much effort into navigation options, leaving you mostly to browse by the date the content was added or the popularity.
  • Need More Frequent Updates – Updates are typically once a week, but when that update is a photo gallery it doesn’t feel like it carries much value. When you have to go two weeks between video updates that hurts.


The work of Colette Field is nearly unsurpassed in the porn business and nowadays she runs, the best place to see erotic sex scenes. She’s a masterful photographer and director and she hires beautiful, highly sexual, adventurous girls to star in her scenes. There are standard guy-girl lovemaking videos along with far bolder experiments in pleasure that include gangbangs, double penetrations, anal sex, BDSM-flavored fun, and so much more. It’s a widely varied collection of content that features the highest production values and HD video. Membership is reasonably priced and there’s lots of content even if they don’t update often enough.

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